Refrigeration Certification Training To Keep Any Business Safe And Legal


The federal Clean Air Act requires the testing and certification of persons who perform services on refrigerated systems. Sections 608 and 609 of the act apply to any service activity that has the potential to release refrigerant into the atmosphere. There are different certification categories, so technicians are able to take an exam applicable to their type of refrigerant equipment.

The intent of the law is to minimize the amount of refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere as a result of system installation, maintenance, or repair. The Clean Air Act is administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The testing process is performed by independent facilities approved by the EPA.

Section 608 applies to refrigerant uses in stationary locations, such as in homes or businesses. There is a separate Section 609 test for motor vehicle technicians. For Section 608 certification, there is one core examination and three test options for specialization. The core exam covers refrigerant issues in general and must be passed to obtain any of the three Section 608 types.

Type 1

The Type 1 designation is required if anyone in your company services small systems, such as residential refrigerators or window air conditioners. The Type 1 category also applies to refrigerated vending machines that dispense food or cold drinks.

Type 2

The installation or repair of central air conditioning requires a Type 2 certificate. Since a heat pump utilizes the same technology as air conditioning, it is in the same category. The larger refrigeration systems in supermarkets are also included in the Type 2 category.

Type 3

The byproduct of many industrial processes is a large volume of hot water. Refrigerant is utilized to aid the cooling process in a specialized component referred to as a chiller. Type 3 certification is required for any technician who works on chillers.

The refrigeration equipment installed at various locations varies widely. Any one of the three Section 608 certifications can be obtained separately. The underlying core exam only needs to be passed once. A universal certificate is granted upon the successful completion of all three exams.

Section 609 certification

The use of refrigerant in motor vehicles is regulated by Section 609 of the Clean Air Act. The attachment of hoses and gauges to an air-conditioning system creates the potential for refrigerant loss. Most agricultural and off-road vehicles are also subject to Section 609.

Having a certified technician ready for any required task is the only practical approach to meeting the refrigerant system demands of your business. Contact a training school to ensure that you and your company are ready to safely complete all refrigerant system procedures.

For more information, contact HVAC Technical Institute or a similar organization.


30 June 2015

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