Four Things You Will Learn In A Medical Assistant Vocational Trade School


There are many reasons to go to a medical assistant vocational trade school. The medical field is great for people who want to have job security and financial stability. Medical assistants can find work in many facilities. Hospitals, urgent care facilities, and even private doctors' offices all need to hire medical assistants.

Unlike medical school for nurses and doctors, medical assistant schooling does not require many years of study. This means that people who want a fast track to a medical career without having to spend years, and significant sums of money, on advanced degrees should consider a Medical Assistant vocational trade school.

Taking And Recording Vital Signs

One of the first things that you learn when training to become a medical assistant is how to take vital signs. This is often considered to be the foundation of a medical assistant's training program. These signs include blood pressure, temperature, and respiration rate.

In addition to learning how to use a blood pressure cuff and other medical devices, persons who train to be medical assistants will learn how to properly document this information. It's extremely important to record the information correctly so that it will be stored in the patient's medical record accurately.

Medical Software and Terminology

In order to correctly record information, medical assistants will need to know how to use medical software and also understand medical terminology. This is another area where a medical assistant trade school is beneficial. The students will learn how to use systems such as an EMR (electronic medical record) and other databases. The students will also learn unique medical terminology that is useful in the medical world.


While not all medical assistants will be required to draw blood, some will have to as part of their job. Depending on where the medical assistant works, they might have to both draw blood or administer vaccines or other shots.

This is a skill known in the medical world as phlebotomy. It's one of the best skills to have on a resume. When an employer is seeking to hire a medical assistant, they will likely prefer one who is able to perform phlebotomy.

Medical Assistant Job Seeking Advice

Finally, one of the best things a medical assistant will learn in their vocational trade school is how to look for a job. Many medical assistant training programs will have a job placement program. But beyond that, these trade programs also teach medical assistants how to write a proper resume and the best methods to submit a resume to the various job sites online for maximum results.

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17 March 2023

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