Need To Get Rid Of Your Old Car? Do It The Right Way


If you have an old car that you are ready to get rid of because you think there is something wrong with it, or that you want to get rid of because you're ready for something that is nice and new, you can make a profit off it instead of giving it away or taking it to the dump. Here are just a few of the things you want to consider doing before you give the car away for free.


If you think someone may want to buy the car to get some parts off it or to use it, then make sure that you can get a good amount out of it. You'll have to pay tax on the transaction and then you'll have to go through the efforts of transferring the title. If the vehicle isn't worth a lot of money then selling it may be more costly and time consuming than it's worth.


Scrapping the car at a local metal yard could earn you some cash, and you may be able to scrap separate pieces within the car like the catalytic converter. It all depends on how old the car is, the size and weight, and what needs to be done to it before it can be scrapped. If it isn't running you may have to pay for a tow and that takes a lot of money out of the profit.


Have you considered donating the car so you can get a break on your taxes? Charitable car donations are a great way to get some money back or to benefit your taxes if you know you're going to be paying in. Talk with a few local charities to see which organizations are in need of a car or have someone that could use the vehicle, and see if you can get some documentation for your taxes with the donation.

These are all options that you can use to help save money, or to get some money that you can use when you're ready to purchase your new car. Any of these options is better than taking the vehicle to the dumb because the vehicle is going to serve another purpose in the future, and it could get recycled and use towards another product. Don't get rid of that old car that you drove for years carelessly, and instead get rid of it the smart way.


17 February 2016

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